Spoon Art Fair 2016 at Kintex with Gallery Jinsun(S.Korea)

´Reloaded´ Group exhibition at Clayarch Gimhae Museum 2016 (Gimhae,S.Korea)

´Forest´ ceramics , part of ´Reloaded´exhibition

´Reloaded´detail cut


Oct 13-16 Korea International Art Fair 2016 with Imaginart gallery(BCN)

KIAF 2016

¨즉흥과 숙성", Clayarch museum&Hongti Artcenter Group show,2016

(detail view)Altar-dedicación. Ceramics

Memories,when your eyes closed 2016

Solo exhition at Yeemock gallery, Seoul. 2016

Exhibition view

Me and you and everyone we know 2016

Me and you and everyone we know. solo exhibition S+gallery, Busan. 2016

Glimpse 2015

¨Glimpse¨ Solo exhibition at Miboo artcenter, Busan 2015

Out of Frame 2015

Out of Frame Ó galería, Porto 2015

¨uP¨ Group exhitibion, TAF(The Art Foundation) ,Athene, 2014

Cover work for Mo Kolours’s new release. One-Handed Music
Illustration by Miju Lee / Design by Made In Earnest

Fulanitu i Menganita,Solo exhibition at Yeemock Gallery, Seoul 2014

Momus ‘Bambi’ Cover work by my collage 'Nena oriental' 2014

´Gigantes con pies de barro 2013

¨Gigantes con pies del barro¨ Ceramic show at Mutt gallery, Barcleona 2013

Realidad Mijúscula 2012

¨Realidad Mijúscula¨ Mutt gallery, Barcelona 2012

Origin of Universe , Artbook published with Édition du Livre, France 2012

Mi vida sin tí, Book published with Editorial Belleza Infinita, Spain 2012

me and zoo 2011

´me and zoo´ at dudua, barcelona 2011

Miju Lee from My Own Private trunk 2013 on Vimeo.